Invitation to join the 24x7 prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and the nations of the world

In the Israel Prayer Tower, prophetic prayer goes up to God 24 hours a day. We are looking for two groups of prayer intercessors a month, each of 10 to 14 from all over the world.

This is a call to encourage partners, prayer intercessors, pastors, ministry leaders to form a group of intercessors to come and be a part of this great move of God in the last days and intercede for their nations. We will be able to accommodate 8 Women + 6 Men or vice versa = Total of 14. We have dormitory accommodations with bunker beds.

The lodging for the 14 days will be provided in the Prayer Tower for US$ 50 per day. All the prayer intercessors will have to make their own arrangements for travel and food. We have
a modern and well equipped kitchen with all the required equipment and cutlery for self cooking.

We would encourage you to raise sponsorship towards a Prayer Intercessor in case they are not able to come but still would like to be a part of His plans to prepare the world for His second coming. The cost of sponsoring a Prayer intercessor is given below. We would also like to give an opportunity to those who are led by the Lord to bless the Israel Prayer Tower on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Two week stay per intercessor at the Israel Prayer Tower – US$700
  • We wish to support by donating 20/50/100 US$ every month.
  • Wish to donate US$ ……. every year to support the Israel Prayer Tower
  • Donations can be sent through our secured website:

For further information, kindly contact

Mr. Keith Soares,

Ph: +972 53 9049306,

Email – [email protected] 

Mr. Brian Henriksen,

Ph:+44 7501528600

Email – [email protected]



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